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Private chat allows a Host to connect one-on-one with an attender on the platform. 

Allowing Private Chat

During a Service, the request prayer feature is on by default, but can be toggled off during set up. To do so, uncheck the option to "allow people to request private chat with Hosts via the Reqest Prayer button" inside the content settings when setting up a service. When this is toggled off, it will default to the Offline Prayer form.

One of the most powerful things we can do as believers is pray for one another. Encouraging your attenders to request prayer in the chat and through video is a great way your Host team can engage with them. Equip your Hosts for prayer conversations.

Requesting Private Chat

An attender can request prayer during a service by clicking on the "Request Prayer" button while viewing a service, if Prayer is enabled for the Service they are attending.

Accepting Prayer

Inside the Host Chat, Hosts will be notified that an attender has requested prayer. To accept, the Host can tap to "Accept" and enter in to a private session with the attender.

Initiating Direct Chat

Inside the Audience List, a Host can initiate a private, one-on-one chat with any attender that is signed in by simply tapping on their name and choosing the "Chat" option to initiate a direct chat.

While in a private chat, a Host can invite another Host to join the chat that's already in progress. This includes live prayer or a direct chat.

Ending Chat

When the conversation ends, you'll be able to leave the chat, which will mark the official end of the conversation. To end a chat, a Host can tap "Leave" at the top right of any private conversation. This works the same for both live prayer or a direct chat.

Prayer Indicator

When a Host or attender is in a live prayer session, a speech bubble displays next to their name on the Audience List, with a number indicating how many sessions they currently have active (updated every ten seconds).

The prayer indicator only displays how many sessions a Host or attender is in that was started by requesting prayer. This does not include direct chat conversations.

Private chat is only one step in online engagement for your attenders. View some tips to build connection and engagement within the Church Online Platform.

Offline Prayer Requests

When a live service is not happening, you can forward offline prayer requests to email(s) of your choice. Learn more about setting up Online Content.

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