Audience List

The audience list allows hosts to see those logged in and guests with a chat name within your service. Videos more your speed? Check out this full walk-through of Audience List.

Access the Audience List

Once a host is logged in, they can see who is part of the service by clicking on the "Audience" tab.

Use the Audience List

Attenders who have a registered account or nickname will be included in the audience list, listed chronologically based on when they joined the service. You can click on an attender's name to start a private chat or mute the attender. You will also be able to see the time someone joined.

The Audience List is a great way to personally welcome people as they join your service.

When an attender leaves, their name & icon will still appear in the audience list but their information will be grayed out to clearly indicate that they are no longer present.

When a Host or attender is in a prayer session, a speech bubble displays next to their name on the Audience List, with a number indicating how many sessions they currently have active (updated every ten seconds).

When a Host is toggled on the Host Chat window, they will see a blue indicator of how many other Hosts are joining in on the Service. When you click on the count icon, you will be taken to the Audience List, pre-filtered by Hosts.

Search for an Attender

Looking for someone specific in your service? As a host, you can search for an attender by their chat name and either initiate a direct chat or mute them.

From the audience list, you will also be able to filter by hosts or muted attenders. This is an easy way to see which hosts are present or how many attenders are currently muted.

The additional guests viewing number at the bottom of the list are those guests that are not signed in and therefore will be show up in this number until they sign in.

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