Muting & Unmuting a User

Muting an attender will mute both their nickname and the IP address associated with it for 24 hours. During that time, the attender's chat messages will not be visible to any other attenders in the service (although the muted attender will still be able to see their messages). They will still be able to view the video and participate in live prayer.

A Host can consider muting an attender when the attender has been consistently offensive, harassing, or otherwise disruptive. The muted attender is still able to see their own comments—this is intentional. The longer an disruptive attender can remain as a 'normal' part of the community, the longer they have to be impacted by the service and by Jesus. But, because they're muted, their disruptive comments won't affect anyone else.

If a muted user navigates away from the online service and rejoins the service under a new nickname, they'll still be muted because they've been muted at the IP address-level.

Muting a User

  1. Admins or Hosts can mute attenders by tapping on a chat message and selecting “Mute.”
  2. You can also filter or search for muted users through the Audience List.
After 24 hours, the nickname and IP address will be automatically unmuted, and the muted attender’s messages in future services will be visible to other attenders in the chat. They can be muted again in the future.

Unmuting a User

  1. Admins or Hosts can unmute attenders by tapping on their name in the Audience List & selecting "Unmute".

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