Setting Up a Prayer Moment

The power of prayer changes lives online, so we've added the Prayer Moment as a second option to engage your attenders in one-on-one conversations. The Moment provides a call-to-action for attenders to initiate a live prayer chat. It has similar functionality to the Request Prayer button, but allows you to push it in the chat multiple times with more customized flexibility—including the option to create customized call-to-action and button text.

Set Up

  1. Log into the Admin>Moments
  2. Click "Add Moment"
  3. Click "Prayer"
  4. Add your text and button text.
  5. Check or un-check the box next to "Include this Moment in all new Services by default"
  6. Click "Save"
Note: If you have request prayer turned off within a service, the moment will not be available.

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