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Facebook login allows your attenders to log in to your Church Online Platform account with their Facebook credentials and creates a user account within the Church Online Platform. This is a two-step process within Facebook and the Church Online Platform.

Setting up the Facebook App

  1. Go to: and create an account, if needed
  2. Click on on "My Apps"
  3. Click "Add a New App"
  4. Click "Manage integrations for your business"
  5. Click "Consumer"
    1. App Display Name: You can use your church name
    2. App Contact Email: Use your email
    3. Business Account: Select one if necessary
    4. Click "Create App ID"
  6. Click "Set Up" under Facebook Login
  1. Go to the side menu: Products>Facebook Login> Click on "Settings". Do not use the Quickstart guide.
  2. Within "Valid OAuth Redirect URLs" put your Church Online Platform URL and Custom Domain (if you are using one) and add "/auth/facebook/callback"
    Custom domain example:
    1. Click "Save Changes"
  3. In order to use Facebook Login, you will need to click the top info bar that says "Your app has Standard Access to public_profile. To use Facebook Login, switch public_profile to Advanced Access. Get Advanced Access"
  4. Find 'Public Profile' in the list, click on 'Get Advanced Access'
    1. Read the information and click agree and then confirm
    2. If prompted, enter you Facebook password

Once complete, you should see the following:

  1. Go to the side menu, click on: Settings>Basic
  1. Copy the App ID and App Secret and keep the Facebook developer tools page open.
  2. Add your privacy policy URL.
  3. Add in your User Data Deletion URL. This can be the same as your privacy policy URL if is your policy specifies the information.

Setting up the Facebook Login within the Church Online Platform

  1. Go to your Church Online Platform account and log in to the admin
  2. Go to: Admin > Integrations > Facebook
  3. Copy and paste the Facebook App ID and App Secret into the correct fields
  4. Click "Save"

Turn on the Facebook Application

  1. Once you have it set up in the Church Online Platform, go back into the Facebook developer tools and click the toggles next to "Live" to turn it on.

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