Using an iframe Modal

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What is an iframe Modal?

An iframe is an HTML tag that allows you to embed content from another document within the current HTML document.

Why use it?

Several Moments allow you to provide a URL to your attenders and you can choose how you want that URL to display. You can choose to open the URL in an iframe modal which will keep attenders in your Church Online experience by opening the URL you provide on top of the Platform experience.

Testing iframe Compatibility

Not all websites allow the use of iframes and you should test this feature before taking advantage of it. For Moments, you can do so using the interactive preview available when you are adding or editing a Moment.

  1. Go to the Admin > Moments page and select a Moment that allows for a URL (Giving Moment, Connect Moment, Salvation Moment, etc.)
  2. Add the URL you would like to test to the appropriate field.
  3. Select the "display in iframe" option.
  4. Tap the appropriate button.

A modal will display and attempt to load the url you provided. If you do not see the content you expected, first check to see you have provided the correct URL. You will want to include the protocol (https://) before the URL. If you see "[website] refused to connect" or a blank white screen there is a good chance the website you are linking to does not support iframes.

If you control the website you are linking to, you can configure the site to allow for use in iframe modals. Contact you website manager for options to configure your site.

You can further test iframe compatibility here:

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