Setting Up a Give Moment

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The Give Moment allows you to lead your attenders to contribute to your church by presenting them with a URL to your church's online giving solution.

Giving moment


  1. Add copy to the Text field to lead your attenders to contribute.
  2. Provide a URL in the Button URL field. Your attenders will be directed to this link when they tap the "Give" button. Be sure to include "https://" before your URL.
  3. Choose how you want your URL to display.
    1. Open in a new tab. This will work for all URLs. You will want to make sure the site you link to works well on mobile devices.
      Open URL in modal
    2. Open in an iframe modal. This option will keep attenders in your Church Online experience by opening the URL you provide on top of the Platform experience. Note: not all websites allow the use of iframes. Be sure to test your URL using the Interactive Preview. Learn about iframe modals.
      Open URL in iframe
  4. Decide if you want to include this Moment in all New Services by default. If you check this option, this Moment will be added to the list of Moments for each Service you add Content to.
  5. Save your changes.

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