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You can modify the look of the Platform to suite your ministry's brand and add links to allow your attenders to connect with different areas of your ministry.

Changing Appearance Settings

To adjust the following settings, navigate to Admin > Setup. (Make sure you are on the appearance tab)

1. Header Appearance

These settings will adjust the appearance of the top portion of the Platform for all attenders.

  • Logo: This is the logo you will see on your platform. Click “Choose File” and select the logo you want to use. (Recommended logo height: 104px)
  • Background Color: To change your background color, enter the hex color your would like.
  • Text Color: You can select dark or light text color. Choose an option that best contrasts with your background color.
  • Navigation Link Text Case: Select either title case (e.g. Navigation Link) or all upper case (e.g. NAVIGATION LINK).

You can add up to 5 custom links to your platform. These specific link names will be translated into all platform supported languages.

1. Select the name of the link (Giving, Messages, Volunteer, etc.)

2. Enter the URL you want that link to go to.

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