Embeddable Countdown Timer

Your church can embed the same countdown timer used within the Church Online Platform into your church website utilizing a custom API. This does require developer knowledge and we recommend you use your internal developer or find someone local who does development.

Squarespace Users

  1. On the page you wish to have the countdown, create a code block that will have the HTML for the countdown in it.
  2. From within your main settings in the left hand menu, go to advanced, and then code injection, this is where you will put the Javascript for the countdown (make sure to add in <script> at the beginning of it and at the end </script>). 

Wordpress Users

  1. Create a HTML block where you wish to have the countdown.
  2. Add in the countdown javascript to the header of the page. In order to do this, you will need a plugin. This plugin is recommended to use for this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/header-and-footer-scripts/ (make sure to add in <script> at the beginning of it and at the end </script>.

For additional help, check out the API and documentation for the Embeddable Countdown Timer.

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