Deleting a Stand Alone or Reoccurring Service

Updated 2 weeks ago by Brandon Livingood

You can delete an upcoming stand alone service or a reoccurring service.

If your service has started or already happened, you will not be able to delete it, the service date/time will be grayed out. The service will automatically remove itself within 24 hours.

How to Delete a Service:

  1. Log into the admin
  2. Go to "Services"
  3. Click on the service time/date you want to delete.
    1. Stand-Alone Service: If it is a stand-alone service, click "Delete" and the service will be deleted.
    2. Reoccurring Service: If it is a reoccurring service, click "Delete" and you will be given a prompt to delete "All Future Services" or "Only This Service" - select your choice. Deleting all future services will remove that service and all reoccurring services that is connected to that specific day/time.

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