Setting Up Your Custom Domain

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Please note: This is an advanced feature, and requires that you are comfortable with making changes to your domain's DNS records. The Church Online Platform will generate a TLS certificate for your domain at no cost.

1. Set up your DNS

  1. Create a CNAME for your Custom Domain that points to


  • Host: Custom domain (e.g.:
  • Points to:
  • TTL (Time to Live): 1 hour is a good default

For more detailed instructions, check with your specific DNS provider.

2. Add your Custom Domain to the Platform

  1. From the Admin, go to Setup > Domain.
  2. Enter the Custom Domain you want to use for the Church Online Platform and save your changes, for example “”.

Once you've added a Custom Domain you will be able to check the status. Please note: it can take up to a few hours for your DNS changes to take effect, though our system will know about the new settings immediately.


My Custom Domain is set up correctly but is still directing to it's previous target.

- DNS settings define the IP address to which a domain name (e.g. points. Those settings have an attribute called TTL which stands for “Time To Live”; that might be set to 1 hour meaning that a user’s ISP might remember the DNS setting for an hour, instead of checking every time to see if the value has changed. That all means that DNS settings can take a variable amount of time to take effect - that’s a good thing in terms of performance for the user, but a constraint in terms of how quickly a change takes effect.

- If you are using Cloudflare as your DNS host, please make sure that you setup your domain has “DNS only” and not proxied.

Can I use a root domain, such as or

No, we are only able to support a subdomain such as or However, you can use your DNS provider to point that domain to your instance of the Platform.

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