What Are Webhooks?

Webhooks allow you to send data around attender engagement from the Church Online Platform to your ChMS (Church Management Software) or other tools. Here are the various data points around an attender or guest:

  • If they attended a service
  • If they served as a host
  • If they chatted
  • If they requested prayer
  • If they accepted a prayer request as a volunteer
  • If they interacted with a Moment (clicked, liked, shared)
  • If their user account is updated

Once one of these actions are taken by a signed-in attender or guest, the Webhooks integration will send that data to your ChMS that you have set up. As a note, Webhooks work best when your attenders have created an account.

How To Set Up Webhooks

Currently, it requires a developer to create custom Webhooks for your church management software. If you are interested in using Webhooks, we recommend finding a local developer to assist with the set up. We provide developer documentation here: https://developers.online.church/docs/about-webhooks

Church Management Software

Update: We are currently working with a few ChMS companies to help create easy ways for you to set up the Webhooks integrations—without developer knowledge. We will be communicating those releases in the near future.

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