Embedding a Vimeo Video

Updated 2 months ago by Brandon Livingood

You can utilize a pre-produced video that has been uploaded to Vimeo within a service to provide a simulated-live service.

To embed a pre-produced video that has been uploaded to Vimeo:

Note: Make sure your video is not set to private.

1. Go to the video you have uploaded to Vimeo.

2. Copy the URL of the Vimeo video

3. Log into the admin of your Church Online Platform account

4. Click on "Service"

5. Create a new service and/or click on "Add content" or "Edit Content" (If you are editing a service).

6. Scroll down to the video section

7. Select "URL" from the options provided

8. Paste the Vimeo URL

9. If you want the video to start before the service, enter how many minutes before you want it to start.

10. Click "Save"

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