OpenID Connect - SSO

OpenID Connect allows your users to sign in using your external authentication provider instead of the Church Online Platform. If activated, any existing users will need to use the external authentication provider.

This feature requires you to have an understanding of the OpenID Connect authentication specifications. We recommend you find a local developer or someone with OpenID Connect experience to help set this up for you.

Setting Up OpenID Connect

  1. Log into the admin
  2. Click on "Integrations" then "OpenID Connect"
  3. Click "Set Up"
    1. Setup Links: You will be provided with callback URL's for your provider and fields to input
    2. Configuration: Input the Issuer URI, Client ID, and Client Secret
  4. Click "Test Configuration"
    1. If test is successful, click "Save and Activate"
    2. If test is not successful, troubleshoot your errors

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