Upcoming Features

Updated 16 hours ago by Brandon Livingood

Our team is continuing to build and release new features. Below are features coming soon.

Coming Soon:

  • Service Report: automatically email key metrics for each Service to anyone you choose

Recently Released:

  • Admin Page Localization: the Admin Page is Localized so that non-English speakers can set up & run a Service
  • Audience List: will allow you to see a list of individuals that are in your service
  • Preview Services: will give an admin the ability to test your service's content with a private URL
  • Liking Chat Messages: attenders will be able to "like" as messages populate in the public chat
  • Editable Notes: will allow attenders the ability to take notes during the Service through the platform
  • Delete Moments: allows admins/hosts to delete moments from the chat feed
  • Image Moment: visually connect with your users with this call to action
  • Customized Salvation Moment: to provide flexiblity, admins can customize the salvation moment text

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