Setting Up Google Analytics

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Add Google Analytics to your platform account

Google Analytics can give you a few additional data points to help you see the picture of your effectiveness and trends. Adding Google Analytics to your platform account allows you to view traffic source like attenders from ad traffic, and demographic data (including location data, gender, age, and mobile vs desktop) for the attenders of your church online site.

Setting Up Google Analytics

  1. Find your Google Analytics Tracking ID. This code will look like UA-123456789-1.
  2. Paste that code into the Integrations > Google Analytics section of the Admin.
  3. Save the code and the integration will activate.

Your church online data will now be sent to Google Analytics.

Enabling User-ID Tracking

The User-ID lets you associate engagement data from different devices and multiple sessions, so you can discover how users interact with your content over an extended period of time.

To enable this feature you must:

  1. Agree to User ID Policy in the Admin of Google Analytics.
  2. (Optional) Enable Session Unification
  3. (Optional) Create a User-ID view

The Platform will also report Events to Google Analytics when attenders take various actions such as interacting with Moments (e.g. clicking on the Salvation or Giving buttons), as well as "heartbeat" events indicating that the attender has been on the page for a certain amount of time. Heartbeat events are sent once the attender has been present for 3, 10, and 30 seconds; they match the data shown on your Admin dashboard.

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