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Our team is continuing to build and release new features. Below are features coming soon. Sign up to receive our product emails and know when we're releasing new features. Learn more about our feedback process and how you can provide feedback and feature requests.

Coming Soon:

  • Google Sheets integration - pull user information seamlessly into Sheets (tech ready, pending app approval from Google)
  • Audience List - will allow you to see a list of individuals that are in your service
  • Service Report - automatically email key metrics for each Service to anyone you choose

Recently Released:

  • Embeddable Countdown Timer - use a custom API to embed a countdown timer into your church website
  • Moments Scheduling - pre-publish and time all Moments 
  • OpenID Connect - SSO
  • Custom navigation links - create your own navigation link for any call-to-action you need
  • Chat Transcripts - view chat history from each service 
  • Countdown timer - a countdown to show before each service 
  • Facebook login - allow attenders to log in using their Facebook account info
  • Offline enhancements - add a video to play when you don't have a service, set it to loop, add an image, and more
  • Custom Navigation Links - create your own navigation link for any call-to-action you need
  • View Past Content - will allow you to look at content from past services
  • Response Moment - gives your attenders the ability to respond in your service by raising their hand, etc.
  • Request Prayer Moment - a call to action for attenders to request prayer
  • Role Tag Customization - create customized role tag for your hosts

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