Understanding Service Timing

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The timing for each Service is determined by several factors.

  1. Schedule Start Time: This will be the time your Service is displayed to start on the Schedule tab for your attenders.
  2. Service Duration: This will be the length that the Service runs. This does not account for the chat and video offset times discussed below.
  3. Chat Start and Chat End: These allow your attenders to chat before the Schedule Start Time and after the Service Duration. Public Chat must be enabled to see these options.
  4. Video Start: You can choose to start playing the video before the Schedule Start Time.

Example Timeline

In this timeline example we are using the following values:

  • Schedule Start Time: 10:00 AM
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Allow people to chat 10 minutes before the Service begins.
  • Allow people to chat 5 minutes after the Service ends.
  • Start the video 5 minutes before the Service begins.

*Host Chat will always be available, even if a Service is not underway.

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