Setting Up YouTube Live

Updated 2 months ago by Brandon Livingood

You can utilize YouTube Live as your streaming provider with the Church Online Platform. Here is how to set it up:

Set up your video in YouTube:

  1. Log into your YouTube account
  2. Click the +Video icon and select "Go Live"
  3. On the left, select Stream, Webcam, or Manage - depending on your set up
  4. Once you have your webcam or live stream set up - you will click the share icon (in the top right corner)
  5. Click on the video link to go to the video page. Once there, right click your video and click "Copy Embed Code."

Embed into the Church Online Platform:

  1. Log into your Church Online Platform account admin
  2. Go to your service>edit content
  3. Scroll down to the "Video" section
  4. Select "Embed Code" and paste the YouTube <iframe> code in the field
  5. Click "Save"
If your video is going auto-full screen on your mobile device, you can add"playsinline=1" at the end of your YouTube URL. Example: <iframe width="1280" height="720" src="YOUTUBE URL?playsinline=1"

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