Adding Content to Service

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1. Log into admin and click on "Services"

2. Find the service you want to add content to or edit content and select "Add Content"

3. Add the details of the service:

  • Service Title
  • Duration: Select the duration of the service
  • Public Chat: This is where you can turn public chat on or off
  • Allow people to chat: This is where you can set the timeline of when chat will open and close

4. Video: Select the video type (Live Stream, Youtube, or Vimeo) and embed your streaming provider's embed code here. If you don't have a live streaming provider - here is a list of a few that we recommend. Select the start time of the video.

5. Notes:

  • Notes are available for attendees to follow along with.
  • Host Info allows you to create special notes that only hosts can see within the host view.

6. Additional Services allows you to apply the content you just created to multiple services. You can select all of the services you want to apply the content to, and click "Save."

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